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What Happened To Dean Holland?

This post was last updated on October 25th, 2018 at 11:40 am

Everything Dean ever wanted is to provide easy acces for everyone to enter the make money online niche. And he did just that. Famous to whom know different digital entrepreneurs by heart are glad he is back. But where has he been. What has happened?!

For starters he has set up a brand new Internet Profits headquarter. You can hear all about it in this first video where he is driving from his home to his new “work”.

If you know Dean you also know it is not really his job: It is his live! An achievement you will want to hear about if only because you can work with him if you want.

What Happened To Dean Holland..?

Welcome back! I’m hopeful that you enjoyed that. 🙂

I’m Loek Woudstra, the bloke behind this blog, and sharing awesome “Digital Entrepreneurs” stuff is probably the chief reason why I chose to create this video site.

Okay, so before we continue, I’ve got an admission. Truth be told, I really built this video blog for myself. See, I deeply enjoy the “Working From Home” videos (like the “What Happened To Dean Holland” presentation you just took a look at), and I wanted a place where I could re-watch all of my favorites under one roof.

With that said, I see a lot of opportunity in creating this site. Hopefully you won’t hold it against me if I’m able to generate a little side income from sponsorships and/or product recommendations.

The point is, this site does provide me with a small income. With that said… I’m not here to sell anything. If my sponsors happen to entice you with their offers, awesome! But if you’re not interested, then absolutely no hard feelings. It’s just really great to have you here.

Income or no, I wanna share IM/MMO with good people like you.

And that’s what Getyourmoneytips is. It’s just an “all under one roof” video resource for both myself and others who are interested in Make Money Online. I hope you can appreciate that. If so, I’d love to see you here again.

So be sure to keep on coming back! I’m gonna keep sharing loads of amazing videos with you. These will cover areas that include Internet Marketing and that’s only just scratching the surface.

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Until we meet again,


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