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Gary Vee’s name is actually Gary Vanerchuk. He gives great motivational speeches. Even though he is very aware of the fact only 5% of his listners will actually do the things he “preach” about does’t stop him from doing this relentlessly.

Be yourself is the best you can get. Even I found this is true -a little late in my case but never the less. I found out in a London while meeting Dean Holland. But more about him later.

Watch his video first and then we talk.


You took notice of the part around 9:43min? One of the major things he is stressing on is the area we live in and you realy should use Facebook. Not because he cares about it, but because of Facebook’s ability to reach so many people:

“If you don’t deeply deeply deeply understand how to market on Facebook and fucking Instagram, please run the fuck out of here and go to Google and spend the next 400 hours watching videos and reading books and testing becouse it is really the most underpriced place”

I think you should take his advice. But exactly what to learn right? It takes so much time to learn random stuff and make a system out of it.

I think in this case I have the right structured method for you where everything is lined up already in an easy to digest way. Where you do not have to ask yourself if it is really working and exactly what to learn. The methods you can read about below are a proven system in itself.

I am talking about Fuel. Fuel is the newest and most complete traffic system. It attracts limiteless numbers of targeted visitors into your business.

However to get Fuel you need to get The Perfect Offer first. For free! (not to bad right:-)

What I mean is this: take me up on The Perfect Offer first. You “Learn To Sell Anything To Anyone” (you will love this high end proven sales systen even though is free). That will be sent to your home.

Now when you go trough the funnel take the second upsell… That is the Fuel Traffic System. Thus do this first:

Get The Perfect Offer for Free

and and then take the second upsell!
(You do not have to… but for getting traffic it’s the best future proof system)

So again, you get The Perfect Offer for free. And if you are interested -meaning you don’t have to- you can buy the Fuel Traffic Mastery system. It’s about “Stacked advertising bringing you more moulah than you can spend”.

What’s in the Fuel Traffic Mastery package:

If you have a problem with traffic generation and want the latest tactics to make your traffic profitable, you are at the right place.

This course comprises 11 modules and so modules will be added in the future. Still it is already finished as a system to use.

Some modules comprises up to five lessons and some have one.

Module 1
In Fuel you will not only learn how to generate traffic but also that getting traffic is no longer just putting up an ad going from ad to offer. Effective traffic has become sort of modular to attain results. Fuel points out there is not just one type of traffic either. There are different kind of traffic and each kind needs his own message.

The right messages to the right people stacked upon each other in the right way will bring you the audience you want: visitors to leads to paying customers.

You future audience does not know you yet so make them aware of you first. In the second stage they decide if you indeed have something of interest and are willing to pay you a small fee for a product you might have after evaluating you. By doing so they have shown they are willing to buy from you and thus became a third stage customer.

Module 2
Fuel tries to make you profitable from the beginning, explaining the difficulties around the large groups of people you have to address to in your early stages and how to filter out the right people to become your next stage customer: the qualified lead.

All stages of traffic are dealt with in depth: what to offer them in what stage, and how to present it. It is not difficult, but you really need to take note of the differences between them, because the new way Fuel presents it makes you money and the old way will cost you. By the way you can use this knowledge on any advertisement platform you like.

You might have heard about the concept of cold warm and hot traffic, but I am sure you did not know you have to present them different messages to turn them from one stage to the next.

Now in the beginning of this review I said the new way of getting traffic is a modular one. In these videos he is explaining exactly why you need to do this. One of the reasons is simply the cost of advertising has risen. But don’t worry, when you set your system up as he explains, you get the most out of your budget.

Module 3
The best is yet to come, but still the meat of the course with examples of the different sorts of traffic starts to emerge here. The goals to reach and what to present to your leads to reach that goal. He speaks about a very important tiny technical trick, to get you to the next level while in this stage you are only introducing yourself, spilling some easy to share knowledge. Throughout this part of the mastery course you will notice how knowledgeable Dean really is. But I know he is only just starting.

Module 4
Discusses in essence lead generation and conversion: the goal of any business. But remember to take it one step at the time because conversions do not happen anymore without the modular approach. And without knowing what to present to your clients. And if you have no idea how to obtain a, let’s say, a lead magnet, do not worry he will explain this also.

Module 5
The bulk of the money is to be made here: the stage three clients. And it does not matter which niche you’re in. The MMO niche or even e-commerce. People who already know you will be more likely to buy from you. And of course you can present them a higher level product meaning a product that cost more and offers more value. You can imagine you need to approach your clients in a different way by then.

Module 6
Here we are going in depth with the information at hand. And what I like about this course very much is the nearly hands on approach it gets from here on. It shows you step by step the goals you have, or better, the purpose of the different stages in acquiring you clients. Why you need to differentiate into stages. Each stage has his own goal and matching gated or non-gated medium. And even segmentation of your audience will be spoken off.

There are 11 modules as we speak, and some will be added in the future. There is way too much information to write down in this review but be sure from here on -Module 6- you are going to do the work getting your clients- if you follow along.

Naturally do I not want to spoil the beans to much so I just end this review with the notice I am glad I am one of the people who got early access to this product. It gave me a fresh look on one of my ongoing wonderings: how on earth do I know what to present to whom and in what form and how to do this in the ever changing advertising world. No need to say Fuel answers these questions.

Take action and succeed

If you are not ready to get traffic but d’rather want to know why anyone want an on-line business and how to start it, what the benefits are and have a little taste of making your first buck on-line (guaranteed!) you might want to check out Ignite also. Ignite is the first upsell you are going to see when you exit the The Perfect Offer order page. (Use real credential otherwise nothing can be shipped)

Any question you might have I can answer in the live-chat right on this page (Unless I sleep, out for skateboarding, to a movie or whatever). But in that case, I just answer you by mail 🙂

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