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This post was last updated on May 23rd, 2018 at 06:29 pm

Make money faster with simple free tips. This site operates in the making money online- and internet marketing niche. As the creator and owner of this site, I, Loek, am in this niche for 4 years now.

If you are like me: always looking for ways to learn- , and find techniques that can potentially make you earn money online, this is the site for you. One thing I picked up throughout the years, is to use every opportunity to sell.

Even if the information is free and you give it away for free, try to “sell it” as best as you can. Because if you don’t, nobody will be interested! So don’t mind if I do, and please don’t hold it against me; it’s a “necessary evil”. But I happen to like it. And I hope you do too!

It is also the nature of the making money online niche: learning, transforming, teaching, selling and when you work hard: you could even make sales if you have a good product.


Giving ideas, inspire, educate, entertain and motivate = all about building trust


All videos, reviews and products on are ment to give you those great ideas, inspire, educate, and even entertain. To build some motivation to go on in this seemingly simple making money niche while somtimes you want to give up. Becouse I can tell you from experience it is only easy if you know what you are doing.


These free videos, reviews and products will help you making money faster


Most of the time you need to get some education first to find your way in the MMO niche -or any niche for that matter- to make that money. The free published videos and the tips surrounding the videos on this site are all meant to do just that.

Internet Marketing and Making Money Online is interwoven in such ways you can sometimes wonder if there even ís a distinction between them.

But Internet Marketing is the vehicle to present methods, processes, an approach or technique; just like an ad for Coca-Cola. The Ad -the sales pitch- is “Internet Marketing” and the Coke -the product- is the “Making Money Online” niche.

So although they are frequently mixed up trying to bring forth the idea of making money online. Internet Marketing and Making Money Online are two different species in the sense that the Internet Marketing side of things tells your “what” and Making Money Online learns you “how”.

So note that nontheless Marketing any method, process, approach or even a mindset is an inherent part of making money online, they are not one and the same. Thus although internet marketing and making money online are both used to address the phenomenon of generating an income online, you now know the difference.

To make it more fun: you can learn both in the MMO niche and use it in any niche you like 🙂


It can be relatively simple to perform the necessary
tasks to make extra income online


But you need all kind of little parts working together in a specific way to make it work. All videos presented here, the tips you find, are specifically meant for the starter, and the surrounding parts for the starter ánd advanced marketer: to find their -and your- way to make a system that works for them (there is more than one way to approach this niche for profit)

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Let’s start right away

A simple, advanced and elegant way to sell anything online -the Internet Marketing side of things so to speak- you find below.


People say thís is the best way to sell ice to an Eskimo

And this one, in particular, is really really good to start with because it will learn you to sell online like a pro!

My advice to you,  a simple but very true one, is this: “The first step to anything – but especially in the making money online niche – is to take action on what you learn”.

Take action and succeed!
Loek and the Get Your Money Tips team

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